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image August 10, 2020

Recipe - Unique and Easy Snacks with Sungold Kiwis

Kiwi Saleboats

Set sail with these simple snacks filled with Vitamin C, fiber, and protein. Use a SunGold kiwifruit as the base of the boat and choose your favorite cheese for your sail and set off to tummy satisfaction.

Serves: 2 Required Time: 10 minutes
Ingredients Prepartion

1 SunGold kiwifruit

1-2 ounces of medium to hard cheese

2 toothpicks

Cut a SunGold kiwifruit lengthwise and use as the base of the boat.

From a block of cheese, cut 2 triangle shapes, about 1 cm thick.

Place one end of the toothpick into the cheese sails and the other end into the kiwifruit to create a sailboat appearance. (Kids can assemble the “sailboat” too!)

SunGold Buried Treasure

Create a kiwifruit treasure chest and find your hidden SunGold treasure with a special surprise at the bottom.

Serves: 1 Required Time: minutes
Ingredients Prepartion

1 SunGold kiwifruit

20-30 chocolate chips (or M&Ms)

Cut a SunGold kiwifruit in half width-wise. Scoop out the kiwifruit flesh of both halves.

Slice the kiwifruit flesh into bite sized pieces.

Place 10-15 chocolate chips in each kiwifruit skin. Cover the chocolate chips with the sliced kiwifruit pieces. (Kids can help assemble, or you can keep the “buried treasure” a surprise!)


Sunflower SunGold Snack

Make a delicious SunGold Sunflower snack that your kids can help make and will have fun eating.

Serves: 2 Required Time: 10 minutes
Ingredients Prepartion

1 SunGold kiwifruit

1 stalk of celery

2 tablespoons of peanut butter

Slice the kiwifruit in half width-wise. Put one half to the side. Slice the base of the other half into a 1 inch wide slice and place on the plate as the center of the sunflower (SunGold kiwis have a smooth, hairless skin that you can eat!).

Slice the other kiwifruit half down the center. Then cut into 6 triangular pieces by making an “X” with your knife through both pieces (like a trivial pursuit pie piece). Place these pieces around the sunflower as the petals.

Cut celery stalks for the stem and leaves of the sunflower and place on the plate.

Repeat for the other half of the kiwifruit.

Microwave two tablespoons of peanut butter for 20 seconds and drizzle one tablespoon on each plate the peanut butter to create the roots of the sunflower. (Kids can drizzle the peanut butter too!)