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We remain committed to following the advice and guidance of the Health Authorities, the World Health Organization, Centres for Disease Control and other qualified bodies, as well as developing our own best practices to ensure that we can continue to be there for you as together we find our way through this pandemic. We thought that it would be helpful to you, and answer questions that we are receiving, to summarize actions we have been taking, and continue to take, so that you can rely on us to meet you and your families needs during this critical time.

Among many activities and protocols, we have:

  • Increased the frequency of disinfecting and sanitizing our tills, food contact areas carts and baskets and frequently touched surfaces to step up our already high standards of food safety.
  • Implemented cashier glove use with protocols for sanitizing between customers and regular handwashing routines for all employees.
  • Implemented physical-distancing protocols including floor markers and signs to remind people to leave 2 meters (6-feet) of space.
  • We have restricted access to our buildings to allow enough space for 2m of physical distancing between each person in the building.
  • We are strictly enforcing crowd size, to keep our shopping environments safe from the potential effects of overcrowding.
  • Instituted limits on high-demand products.
  • We installed protective plexiglass barriers at all service checkouts including the Bakery and Deli full service counters.
  • At customer request, use of reusable bags during checkout is returning to our stores.

The Health and Safety of all team members and our customers remains our top priority and we have a duty of care to our Team Members.

Effective immediately Team Members must wear a suitable face mask:

  • At our entrances when greeting customers, sanitizing carts and baskets or monitoring the number of people in the store;
  • Whenever they are anywhere on the sales floor, or;
  • Are working in a department where physical distancing cannot be maintained, for example Bakery/Deli

By Order of the Public Health Officer, Masks are now required for everyone in all public indoor settings and workplaces. People who cannot wear a mask or who cannot put on or remove a mask on their own are exempt. Employers are expected to enforce the mandatory mask policy with both employees and customers.

To avoid potential for conflict for our team members, we will ask our customer’s to respect the mask requirements and state that that in the absence of a legitimate exemption, and depending on Provincial Health Orders or Local Bylaws, they may be subject to a fine for not wearing a mask in our store in the absence of a legitimate exemption.

To serve the needs of our communities, while protecting the health of everyone we have:

  • For the first hour of the day, all Buy-Low Foods locations will be offering preferred shopping to our customers who wish assistance or extra consideration, including seniors and those living with disabilities.
  • Temporarily suspended services such as bottle returns until we can develop methods for eliminating potential touch exposure to our team members and our customers.
  • Worked with Debit and Credit card issuers to increase the tap payment limits for credit and debit cards and mobile device payments to remove one more touch point for you, and.
  • We are working hard to bring on additional staff to provide options for home delivery for those that are not able to get to our stores due to self-isolation or mobility concerns.

To take care of our teams:

  • We introduced a $2.00/hour premium for all our team members retroactive to March 8th to recognize and show our appreciation for them and their hard work and support of our customers at this time. This has since been made a permanent adjustment to our team’s compensation.
  • We are working to add additional team members to provide team members additional options for rest and re-energizing when needed.

For as long as we are able, we will:/p>

  • Continue to offer you specials on products on a weekly and monthly basis
  • Do our best to have full shelves, and the products you need
  • Continue to support our customers and the communities we serve as best we can

We will not:

  • Unfairly raise our prices to take advantage of our customers during these events.

We have received many, many emails, social media posts and other communications from you, our customers, to express your gratitude and appreciation for the efforts of our team members and the positive, friendly way they are welcoming you to our stores. Wherever possible, we are passing along those expressions of appreciation to our team members and it means a lot to them.

It has been quite moving to see how all our communities and we as Canadians pull together, look out for one another and appreciate each other during these unprecedented times.

What we ask of you:

In compliance with Health Officer Orders where applicable and in keeping with Centers for Disease Control guidance in general, all customers are required to wear a face mask while in our stores.

In recognition that some members of the public may not be able to wear a face mask for medical reasons, if a customer states that they are exempt from the mask policy, the customer will be allowed to continue to enter the store without a mask and without question. It is not our responsibility to verify that the customer has a valid exemption. For information only, the following are the exemption criteria:

  • Have a medical condition that prevents them from wearing a mask
  • Physically cannot put on or remove a mask on their own.
  • Are Children under the age of two.

Respect the physical distancing measures we have put in place for the protection of you and our team members and to comply with guidance from Health Authorities.

Do not bring your family with you grocery shopping, have one person from the household do the shopping and as hard as it is, don’t socialize in the store with your friends and neighbours to help us with physical distancing and the number of people that can get through the store under maximum occupancy rules.

Buy only what you need until your next shopping trip so that there will be enough of the high demand items for others in the community. Do not come to the store if you are sick. Have a friend, neighbour or community group do the shopping for you, or call us to see if we can help.

Wash your hands.

We are proud to be members of your community and we are grateful for your support.

Dan Bregg,